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Red Bank Music Community's
Songwriters' Workshop forum:
Hi, all. I have a proposition for a willing RBMC-er:

My main performing partner is leaving the state, so my little recording project, Crosstalk Club, needs a new vocalist to finish my DIY tunes. So, I have two options.

1 - If anyone wants to be the new voice of C/C, let me know. (Collaboration would be excellent too!) My songs are a weird kinda pop/rock piano/guitar mix, usually with a healthy dose of sarcasm in the lyrics. (Check out www.myspace.com/crosstalkclub for a sample.)

2 - If there are any solo artists out there who aren't looking for a group but could use some keyboards on their next recording project, howzabout trading studio guest spots?

Thanks for reading through this. Email me at dan@redbankmusiccommunity.org if you're interested or want more info!

PS: $5 to the first person who knows the group and song the subject line came from. Yes, Google searches are cheating.
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Hi, everyone. This is Dan (yeah, I know the username makes no sense...long story). Eric has asked me to be RBMC Forum moderator here.

For anyone I haven't already met at recent Workshops, here's me in about four lines. I've been a serious keyboardist for over 20 years now, I've played in both original and cover bands over that time, and was a signed artist for about 38 seconds back in the early 90s. I've been coming to RBMC Workshops and events for about six months.

Okay, that felt a little too much like group therapy, so I'll stop here with this one last thing:

I need your help.

What would you like to see in this Forum? It really is a great place to connect with fellow RBMC'ers between meetings, gigs, and events. Drop me a line at dan@redbankmusiccommunity.com and let me know your suggestions. Better yet, start posting now!
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Hey all! I just wanted to say if anyone wants to come to my graduation from Capri its @ noon on Wed, June 23rd @ Brick Capri - 268 Brick Blvd, Brick, NJ.

Love Peace and Hairgreese,

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This update is full of opportunities to volunteer. I got a day job, so I'm juggling that and this. I'll try not to let it get in the way, but if you want to help, I could sure use it. Let me know. This thing doesn't run itself.

1. First, the calendar for the upcoming 7 days:

Saturday, Eric Ginsberg @ Haagen Dazs, RiverCenter StreetLife, 7-10PM, FREE! (come see me!)
Saturday, RiverCenter StreetLife kick-off and MCAC Open House, 6:30-7:30, @ the MCAC office (two doors to the right of the Workshop's location)
Sunday, Internet Cafe Open Mic, hosted by the Red Bank Music Community, 7:30PM, $4 minimum, NO cover (get out and play!)
Tuesday, Songwriters' Workshop @ Count Basie Theatre, 7:30PM, always FREE!
Tuesday, Helena & Maria @ The Grove in Shrewsbury, 6-8PM, FREE!

2. If you have events coming up, MAKE SURE that they're posted on our interactive calendar. The username is RBMC, the password is member. Go do it!

3. If you're looking for something to do, check our interactive calendar. It includes non-RBMC sponsored events featuring our members, not listed here.

4. We still need volunteers (and probably will all summer). Right now, we need someone to represent us at the MCAC open house on Saturday, and another volunteers to help out with the StreetLife performance. Please e-mail me ASAP to volunteer for that.

5. We're going to get stickers, hopefully in time for our first show in the park (June 28th). They'll be really simple: "I Support" - our logo - our website, yellow stickers. We're going to sell them in the park, with the artist merch, to try to raise funds.

6. We need to order a banner to put on our table for the sidewalk sale at the end of July. Anyone want to price hunt and get back to me?

7. We need to raise enough money to pay for the stickers and the banners. Feel free to donate on the website, at an event, or donate something we use, so we can put the money toward other stuff.

8. As far as I know, Michael Tisdale is dead in a ditch somewhere. I've received no word from him, nor have I gotten anything but voicemail when I call. I suppose when you're so trusting, as we are, and don't send out contracts, like we don't, these things are bound to happen sooner or later. It's just upsetting, I suppose.

9. More updates to the site coming. Including the entire roster for the 90.5 shows. And a photos page. (anyone want to take photos on Saturday and Sunday? Digital camera, perhaps?)

10. I need help getting out the press releases this Monday night. Anyone available to help me type, label and stuff envelopes? say, 9ish? my place?

11. You guys rock!

See you Saturday! And Sunday! And Tuesday!

C Ya,

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As per usual: tons of stuff!

1) THIS weekend kicks off our summer season. There's the Red Bank Jazz & Blues Festival (friday 4-10, Saturday 11-10, Sunday 11-6), Chris McKenna performing at The Dublin House (Saturday 7-10), Jon Francis performing at Haagen Dazs (Saturday 7-10) and our first night hosting the Internet Cafe Open Mic (Sunday 7:30).

2) It ain't all gettin' done by magic. We NEED volunteers! Friday we're good (James O'Rourke-DiGioia from 2-5:30, me from 5:30-10, Maria Paccione floating as available). Saturday we need volunteers or we have problems. We have our Pod Leaders, but no one to help them. We need 2-3 people to float around StreetLife and 2 volunteers to be at the Jazz and Blues Festival from 4-6 and 8-10. Sunday, we need 2 volunteers at the Jazz and Blues Festival from 10:30-2. This is bare minimum. So please, look at your schedule for this weekend, and tag me back ASAP, so I know that we have people to help out. There'll be a spreadsheet posted online by next week of all of the volunteer slots we need filled. So you can check it out and e-mail me to let me know when you're available and when you're going to help out.

3) We are sharing a table at the Jazz and Blues Festival with the MCAC (Monmouth County Arts Council), The Count Basie Theatre and Red Bank RiverCenter. We're all gonna be one big happy family. Most people at the booth, representing those organizations, will be board/trustee members, so let's try to make a great impression!

4) The website is starting to get updated. As of today (not this minute, but sometime today), the events page is in action for the whole summer. Check it out. It's easily navigatable. Also, all of the nice articles that have run about us are now up in the info section. Go check that out. Photos coming very soon, and an updated roster page coming moderately soon.

5) We have officially started a myspace page. It's http://www.myspace.com/redbankmusiccommunity If you're on myspace, go over there and hit "add". Either way, check the page out to see when we have stuff going on (as a suppliment to our site) and find profiles of your fellow members.

6) Chandra is awesome. Just wanted to put it out there.

7) We are going to start meetings for the assembly (FINALLY)! Sorry it took so long to get going, but I've been SO busy with getting the summer started, that everything else has taken a backseat. So, starting THIS Monday, 8:30PM, we'll be meeting at The Academy of Fine Art & Music to start work on the assembly (this only applies to you if you volunteered to work on the assembly). It's located at 697 Broad St., in Shrewsbury, just outside of Red Bank. Special thanks to Julie @ The Academy for sponsoring the RBMC and letting us use the space!

8) We are proud to announce that Co Fisher will be becoming a Pod Leader by the end of the summer. Welcome aboard!

9) If you have shows coming up that aren't RBMC shows, feel free to post them on the calendar (on the events page). The username is RBMC and the password is member. This way we all know when you're playing.

10) Whether you're volunteering or not, come hang out with us and check out all of the fun stuff we have going on this weekend and for the rest of the summer.

See you all this weekend!

C Ya,

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No numbers this week, just a TON of info. So, here's all the info for the summer, as of right now. Read it carefully, volunteer if you haven't yet, and tag me back, ASAP, to confirm your gig (if I haven't spoken to you by phone yet) and if you have a stage name. Everything HAS to be in by tomorrow morning. I'll keep trying to call those of you I haven't been able to reach by phone, as of yet. If a name says "unconfirmed" next to it, it means just that. James and I are working on the website, so we should have all of this, confirmed, up and available sometime next week.

RiverCenter StreetLife:
Saturdays, 7-10PM
June 4th, Jon Francis @ Haagen Dazs, Chris McKenna @ The Dublin House
June 11th, Eric Ginsberg @ Haagen Dazs
June 18th, Helena & Maria @ The Dublin House
June 25th, (slot open) @ Haagen Dazs (NOT StreetLife...RBMC booking)
July 2nd, Pete Vash @ Haagen Dazs
July 9th, (slot open) @ Haagen Dazs (NOT StreetLife...RBMC booking)
July 16th, Eric Ginsberg @ Ten Thousand Villages, (slot open) @ Haagen Dazs (NOT StreetLife...RBMC booking)
July 23rd, (slot open) @ Haagen Dazs (NOT StreetLife...RBMC booking)
July 30th, Helena & Maria @ New York Trends
Aug. 6th, Pete Vash @ The Pepper Shack, (slot open) @ Haagen Dazs (NOT StreetLife...RBMC booking)
Aug. 13th, Jon Francis @ The Pepper Shack
Aug. 20th, Chandra Jade @ Haagen Dazs (NOT StreetLife...RBMC booking)
Aug. 27th, Brian Breen @ Cold Stone Creamery

As you may have noticed, there are some slots open for NON RiverCenter performances at Haagen Dazs. The ice cream place asked us to book up the slots that RiverCenter didn't, so if you wanted a streetlife gig but didn't make it to the audition, let me know. We still have 4 available slots. First come, first serve.

RBMC presents Songwriters in the Park (or Songwriters Showcase, if we can't use the other name):
Tuesdays, 6:30-8PM
June 28th, Music by Ginger Coyle, Pete Vash and Ang; poetry by James O'Rourke DiGioia and Co Fisher (unconfirmed)
July 5th, Music by Project Object (unconfirmed), Riley Schiro (unconfirmed) and Joe Zinneman (unconfirmed); poetry by James O'Rourke DiGioia and Liz Cooper (unconfirmed)
July 12th, Music by Chris McKenna, Sheryl D and Eric Greenhouse; poetry by James O'Rourke DiGioia and Martha Wilkinson (unconfirmed)
July 19th, Music by Harrison Platt, Julie Trauben and Dave O'Rourke DiGioia; poetry by James O'Rourke DiGioia and Aly Honsa (unconfirmed)
July 26th, Music by Jet Dragon (unconfirmed), Anthony D'Amato, and James MacCutcheon; poetry by James O'Rourke DiGioia and Ben Davis (unconfirmed)
Aug. 2nd, Music by Logs in the Mainstream, Eric Ginsberg and Chandra Jade; poetry by James O'Rourke DiGioia and Silvie Knoblauch

90.5 The Night presents A Night in the Park:
Wednesdays, 7-9PM
July 6th, deSol, Helena & Maria, and TBA
July 13th, Jeffrey Gaines, Eric Ginsberg, and TBA
July 20th, Jody Joseph & The Average Joes, Paul Otters, and TBA
July 27th, Ellis Paul, Jim Boggia, and Tony Tedesco

Guest Speakers:
Tuesdays, 7:30PM, Count Basie Theatre
June 7th, Michael Tisdale, Promotions Coordinator for Eaglerock Entertainment and Spitfire Records
July 5th, Ginger Coyle, Singer/Songwriter, winner of Wayne Brady Show/Hard Rock Academy contest
Aug. 2nd, Jet Dragon (unconfirmed), Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer/Concert Promoter...the list goes on
Sept. 6th, Annual Publishing, Copyrighting and Royalties workshop, with a panel including Harry Fox Agency CFO and more (as yet unconfirmed)

RBMC presents Kids Day in the Park!
Sunday, August 7th
Music and activities with Miss Sherri, Honey Child Music, Count Basie's Cool School, The Academy of Fine Arts and Music, Brian Breen, Jon Francis and M'Zume.
I'm thinking of putting up the RBMC members who might have a few kids songs, all into one set (Paul Otters has a few, I have one or two, I know a few of you might also). Contact me if you want in, and your name isn't already on the list.

We're not solid on these yet, so we'll have to promote seperately for them. Which sucks. But Monster Magnet is interested, but has to get back to me on a date. I can't book the venue until Monster Magnet gives me the date, and I'd like to book the benefit at the Internet Cafe, with RBMC members, two weeks either before or after the benefit with the national acts (which may also include Dramarama and/or the Smithereens, if we're SUPER lucky). NONE of this is confirmed yet, but I'm hoping it will be soon. Both shows should be on Friday nights.

Songwriters' Workshop
Same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel. Nothing changing here. We'll still see you all every Tuesday, 7:30PM, at the Count Basie Theatre.

Questions? Suggestions? Comments? Ideas? Lonely and want to talk?

C Ya,

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So, trying to get all of the summer stuff set in stone in the next week. Here's what I need from all of you:

1. I'm still looking for 2 poets and 1 musician for our Tuesday nights. Anyone without a gig want one?

2. Those who will have gigs, we have the option of getting a great photographer and a great videographer to get press photos of you, and make a video recording of your sets. Our sponsor, DGsquared, is providing the photography. The rates are as follows: $100 for one person, $70 each for two people, $55 each for three people (plus $25 for expenses, post, burning and mailing). The photography is high-end digital, great for promo, print and inetnet. Our sponsor, Screaming Cat Studios, is providing the videography. The cost is $20 for up to a half-hour set (which would be Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Kids Day in the Park!), and $30 per hour (for Saturdays...and $10 per hour extra if you need lighting).

Let me know if you want photos or videos ASAP. These guys are only availalbe certain days, and I will try to book you on those days if you want either or both services. It's just something to help you build your portfolio of promotional materials.

3. Those who will have gigs need to let me know ASAP which dates you absolutely cannot make, so I make sure not to book you then.

4. James and I are working on the website, and we should be done in about a week and a half. If you're performing with us over the summer, and have a website, let me know and we'll link your name to your site on our events page. We're also putting up photos and newspaper/magazine articles. And don't forget to keep updating our interactive calendar to let us all know when your gigs are.

5. Sorry I have to do this, but I feel I need to explain the e-mail list. You will notice that I include all of your e-mails, visibly, on each newsletter. This is done so that you may keep in contact with one another during the course of the week. If you have opportunities to offer the group (like auditions, or gigs), you are welcome to use the e-mail list to let us all know. If you have events coming up, please post them on our calendar (user name: RBMC password: member). If you have anything else to share during the week, please post it in our forum. Other than that, share you can share your news, questions, feelers, etc., at the Songwriters' Workshop.

6. On a related note, Jon Francis wants you all to know that Coffee Blue, in Belmar, is looking for new acts to book for the summer. You should drop them a line.

7. Also, THIS Tuesday, RBMC members Paul Otters, Julie Trauben and Sheryl D will be performing at the Saint, in Asbury Park. The show is $8, 21+, 8:30PM (I think). Feel free to ditch the Workshop for the week and go support.

8. A number of you have expressed a willingness to volunteer. Here are the dates for which we need you:
06/03, 06/04, 06/05, 06/07, 06/11, 06/18, 06/28
07/02, 07/05, 07/06, 07/12, 07/13, 07/16, 07/19, 07/20, 07/26, 07/27, 07/30
08/02, 08/06, 08/07, 08/12, 08/13, 08/26, 08/27
Let me know which days are good for you, and I'll start filling out the volunteer spread sheet, so that we can be organized about it.

So, tag me back with stuff, and I'll start sending you your dates. Any questions?

C Ya,

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This is a really long post, but there's TONS of info that definitely applies to each and every one of you, so please do take the time to read it through. There's tons of bookings, and I'm doing my best to make sure that everyone who wants a gig gets at least one, if not more. I'm trying to be fair to everyone, and practical in my booking. Read below for all of the info on when, where, and how to get the gigs.

1. The RBMC will be assisting WBJB 90.5 The Night in presenting Songwriters in the Park, every Wednesday in July. They'll be booking a national act and a bigger local act, and then we get to put one of you on as the opener (for four dates). It doesn't pay, but it's great exposure, and we get to work with our buddy, Jeff Raspe.

2. Things went well with Parks and Rec. on Wednesday. They're giving us from 6:30-8PM, every Tuesday, from 06/28-08/02. We're going to have past and future Guest Speakers as our headliners, RBMC members with more experience going second, and RBMC members with less stage experience going on first. We're also going to have poetry from our members in between the acts. The town is going to give us $100 per show, that we're going to put towards our $1000, so consider it an RBMC benefit. Again, no pay, but great exposure.

3. I'm excited to announce that many of our members have gotten bookings with RiverCenter's StreetLife. Thus far I've heard back from 7 members, with a total of 10 bookings. These events will be on Saturday nights, from June 4th-Aug. 30th. I'm still waiting to hear back from a couple of folks. I'll announce all of the dates then.

4. Toward the middle or end of August, we're going to do a Friday night concert at the Internet Cafe. Who wants in?

5. Some of you have already gotten back to me about wanting to play these Tuesday and Wednesday gigs. Some of you have not yet. I need to know ASAP. Believe it or not, I've got to have the entire summer booked by the 21st of May (only 15 days away). This is the only way we can promote the entire summer with one effort, rather than taking more time, and double the money. I've made some notes on who I think would be best where (of those who've already contacted me), and I'm waiting on Jeff Raspe to let me know who's playing the Wednesday shows, so I can select an appropriate opening act for each gig. Also, poets for Tuesday nights? You get about 5 minutes between two sets. It's not a whole bunch, but I didn't want you to be forgotten amongst all the musicians/songwriters.

6. We're going to promote via radio, print, posters and postcard flyers. At they're cheapest, they're still not that cheap, so we need your help. If you have a StreetLife gig, and would like to help fund our efforts to promote for you, please e-mail me back with an estimated pledge of how much of your money (from the $100 we each get, per person, per gig) you're willing to put into the pot. Once I know that, I can start planning finances. We're also going to try to get local music businesses to put up some of the money, but we can't count on it, so please contact me with your pledge. Between our StreetLife bookings, we've got $1000 coming in to us, collectively (not counting potential CD and merchandise sales). The money's there. Chip in. Don't assume someone else will do it, because if you don't, they won't either (it's the psychology dilema of, if you leave two people in charge of feeding a horse, the horse will starve and die).

7. We're working on getting ourselves a table set up at the Red Bank Jazz and Blues festival. More info to come.

8. We're going to need volunteers. Lord knows I can't do this all by myself. I'm just not that awesome. Each night that an RBMC member has a StreetLife booking, or that we have an event in the park, etc., I'd like, at the very least, one pod-leader and two other volunteers. You'll be in charge of promoting the RBMC, our members, and our performances. I know that I can only make half of the StreetLife nights, so we're going to need you all to step up and get your hands dirty. Takers?

9. Chris McKenna was awesome this week. Next month our Guest Speaker will be Michael Tisdale, a promotions coordinator for Eagle Rock Entertainment and Spitfire Records. Check out their site, www.eaglerockent.com to know more. That'll be on Tuesday, June 7th. Also, our July 5th Guest Speaker will be singer/songwriter, and winner of the Hard Rock Academy/Wayne Brady Show contest, Ginger Coyle. You can check her out at www.GingerCoyle.com.

10. This month, the RBMC gained two new official sponsors. Honey Child Music, located at 73 Monmouth St., in Red Bank, and The Academy of Fine Art & Music, located at 697 Broad St., in Shrewsbury (just outside of Red Bank). They'll both be helping out with our assembly. If we can work on that while we're doing our summer shows, and have the assembly ready in time for the beginning of the school year, we'll be in good shape. Thus far, volunteers to work on writing the assembly include Julie, Sherri, Paul Otters, Brian Breen, Jon Francis and Me. Anyone else want to help? It'll be fun, and you'll get to help people, and it looks great on a resume. Our meetings will be held at The Academy of Find Art & Music. Julie is going to get back to me on when the studio is available, and then I'll tag you all back to see when your availability is, so we can set up our first meeting.

11. This week, Tony Tedesco will be bringing his recording equipment to do a dry run and see what we can do in the way of recording/archiving our meetings. If you don't want to be recorded, you don't have to be. We have several possible routes down which we could go if the sound is good enough. More on that once we know.

Sorry this e-mail was so long, but there was just SO much to say. Even more details coming soon. See you all on Tuesday!

C Ya,

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So, HUGE stuff abounds. Abounds? Let's go with it.

1. Big thanks to Chandra, James, Brian, Pete, Chris, Helena & Maria, Jon and Joe for making it out to the Street Life tryouts this week. We'll see who gets the gigs next week.

2. I met with Red Bank Parks and Recreations and here's what they had to say: They want us to run shows on Tuesday nights from June 28th through August 2nd, in Riverside Park, before the Movies start. We're negotiating what time, and how much money and what not. He and I have another meeting next week to keep working out the ideas. What we need, most immediately, is to find out who would be interested in playing. It could start as early as 5:30, or as late as 7PM, and it will definitely run into at least the first 30 minutes of the Workshop time (so we'll just have to have enough people to be in two places at once for an hour or so, which we can definitely handle). We want to book 2-3 acts, with poetry in between (during set up and tear down). Over the course of 6 nights, that's 12-18 acts with 6-12 poetry readings. I'm telling you now, however, if they're willing to put up some money, we're going to run it like a benefit where you perform for free, and the money goes toward the RBMC (I've done the math, it could be enough to put us over our $1000 goal). Either way, it's great exposure and a lot of fun. So who's in?

3. Park and Recreation is also keen on the idea of us working with WBJB (one of our official sponsors) on Wednesday nights' Songwriters in the Park. That would be all local acts, from 7-9PM, 3 acts with 30-minute sets. I'm trying to get a meeting set up with the head honcho over at the station, but she is hard to get a hold of. Hopefully there'll be more news on that within the week, but Jeff Raspe (WBJB music director) is into the idea. Basically, we just want to be involved as much as they'll let us. So, we'll see what happens.

4. New to the Workshop, Tony Tedesco will be running an internet radio show for Upstage Magazine (I think I got that right). He's looking for submissions of local demos, albums, live recordings, etc. His e-mail address is above, so contact him if you want to submit something. ALSO, Tony has offered to see if we can start recording our meetings. I have suggested (or rather, Jonathan Coulton suggested back in December) that we consider podcasting such a recording. Tony is going to bring by his gear for a trial run on Tuesday, May 10th. We'll evaluate the quality of the recording and go from there. Anyone who wishes not to be recorded has that option.

5. Don't forget that THIS Tuesday is our Guest Speaker, Chris McKenna. He'll be by to discuss his music, his dealings with getting a record contact and a publishing deal, etc. So you definitely don't want to miss it. THIS Tuesday, 7:30PM, Count Basie Theatre. Same as always. FREE for members, $5 for nonmenbers. Come hear what the man has to say, ask questions, and learn (and bring your friends).

6. Check out the new calendar and donation page on our website (www.redbankmusiccommunity.com). They're super spiffy. Post when you're performing and find out how you can help the RBMC.

See you all on Tuesday!

C Ya,

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HUGE news! Remember last week when I was talking about summer shows? Let's get started!

1. Red Bank River Center, in conjunction with a few other organizations and businesses, is presenting summer Street Life. Every Saturday during the summer, there will be about six different locations where different performers will be. They're looking for musicians, among other things, to go from 7PM-10PM, with two 20-minute breaks. Some of the locations are really great, too. So, here's the deal:

I want anyone who feels like they've got the stamina and the material to perform for over two hours (you can repeat songs throughout the night). Specifically, I'm asking Paul Otters, Artilery Effect, Helena & Maria, Julie Trauben, Bud Tupolo, Sheryl D., Pete Vash, Ang, James MacCutcheon, Brian Breen, Anthony D'Amato, Jet Dragon, Riley Schiro, Jon Francis, Jonathan Coulton, Logs in the Mainstream, Chris McKenna, Andre Cholmondeley, Dave and James O'Rourke-DiGioia, and ANYONE else who's on this list.

The auditions are THIS Wednesday, from 6-8PM, at the Count Basie. If you want to audition, make sure to come to tomorrow night's Songwriters' Workshop, or e-mail me IMMEDIATELY. I want us all to show up at 5:30PM (even if you're not auditioning, and you want to come hang). This is our first time dealing with River Center, and I want to make a GREAT impression. They should see how big we are, how many talented members we have, and how tight and supportive we are of each other. I'm going to give out RBMC stickers for us all to slap on, so that they can see that we're all together. I want as many of the available slots as possible to go to our members.

If you get the gig, it pays $100 per person, up to four people in a group (however, I'm not sure how eager they'll actually be to pay $400 for one act, so there may be more stength for solos and duos...but try it anyway. who knows?). We would appreciate it if you would donate as much of that as you feel comfortable to the RBMC. We're going to promote like crazy for you, so it would help if you chipped in. Also, if we could use some of that money to reach our $1000 goal, that would be awesome.

2. ALSO! I have a meeting with Red Bank Parks and Recreation this afternoon. They're running Songwriters in the Park, every Wednesday in the summer, and I want us in it. I'll let you know at tomorrow's meeting how it went, and if we can get some gigs, some affiliation, and maybe some money.

3. The website has been updated again. Mostly it's the donation page. I put up the supplies we need, that you can bring or ship to us, instead of giving us money. We NEED ink! Go check out the donation page.

4. The calendar is up and in effect. I notice several of you posting your shows already, and that's great! Everyone should keep there eye on the calendar to find out when we're all playing. Need something to do tonight? Check the RBMC calendar!

5. Don't forget to bring something for a baby-basket to send to Jonathan Coulton.

6. Don't forget to bring something to put on the buckets.

7. Don't forget to finish putting up your posters and bring me the extras tomorrow.

8. Don't forget to volunteer to work on the assembly.

9. Don't forget to come to the Songwriters' Workshop tomorrow night!

C Ya,

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